Monday, February 14, 2005

Valentine's Day: Huh?

WARNING: What follows are the partially coherent ramblings of a disaffected college student, surrounded by the swoonings of young couples in love over Feb 14, wondering where the pressure comes from to feel lonely.

Why Valentine's day?
Why promote for a bunch of singles a day where they're expected to be hooked up, in an environment where they're not really allowed to show love? Why, when there's enough out there, selling sex, promoting relationships, establishing being in a great relationship as the status quo, do they just have to make a day to make me feel bad? It's all bs.

I mean to say, I don't feel bad. Don't get me wrong. I'm cool. I don't care. I'm a duck, letting the water roll right off my back. I don't have to have a date to feel complete. I'm cool and I don't put up with crap. If someone wants to make a day to promote "love", more power to them, I'm not gonna let it make me mad. So what? I'm cool. And I'll do what i want no matter what. I'll go about my day, and you know what? If I do anything in response to the emphasis of the day, I'll retaliate. I'm gonna be me and do what I want by myself. If someone I know and love would appreciate something special, I'll do that. Cause I want to and cause I know I love them. But who the heck says I have to feel lonely? [imagine dead silence] That's what I thought.

Ever heard of BTR? Oh, yeah! The 'president' is now engaged! What a traitor...that's what girls do to you. They muddle your head. They mess with your mouth, nothing comes out right. They don't let you think straight. BUT WE LOVE IT!!! WHY? I really don't give a rats...cause when the right girl comes along, I'll throw all logic out the window cause she'll complete me. Nothing will really matter any more. Then I'll dive into love. Then, maybe, Valentine's will make sense. Then, we'll basically be joined at the hip and my member ship in BTR will be forever null and void. Oh, and by the way, that's:
Bachelors Till the Rapture

till then, BTR OR BUST!

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