Wednesday, February 23, 2005

well...folks, today was my third day at work for NCO Financial. making calls all day long telling people that they're about to get their utilities shut off unless they pay up on their bill isn't the most exhillirating work, but its not as bad as it could get! the way i look at it, it's all about my attitude. and if i'm purposing to have fun, and enjoy myself, then i will! and today, even though i had to work an eight hour shift (and i'm part time, five days a week, go figure that) i honestly can say that i had a great day! and came home in a good mood! so now, after showering, after eating a florida-fresh grapefruit...after talking on the phone w/ryan...after working out...after doing my PCM...after getting home from work @ 9:30...only now can i begin studying! and it's quarter after midnite! John....YOU ROCK!

and now...for a new feature! (drumroll please) the infamous, the world renowned, the one and only...Link Of The Day!!!

well...maybe not all of the above...but enjoy it anyway!

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onestarbuckscoffee said...

awesome word pic. so right on with the whole 'stay in the middle of the river' deal. life to the max... taking the plunge... willing to get wet... in over your head... I'm with you bro!