Saturday, March 05, 2005

Life of Recent...

yes...i've been strangely silent recently. life has a way of grabbing one by the balls and taking him where it will. recently i've been working my butt off for about 30 hrs a week (from 5-10 @ night), in class from 8-12 every morning, and trying to fit in some studying, socializing, church, and other between there. rather challenging, tiring, rewarding, definitely anything but boring! sometime's i feel like i'm getting behind, but that's what the weekend is about, huh? i spent this morning working, but came home and spent my 'nap time' goofing off online, catching up with friends, etc. now it's time to actually READ THE BOOKS!!!! homework is wonderful, i'm learning lots, but you have to do it to learn from it!

my goal for my life at this point? follow through on my resolutions. whether they be small or large. i need to make plans and actually follow through on them. make sure that i'm not backing down on something just because the whim of the moment dictates it. the long-term vision always pays off.

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