Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Word of the Day


1 : assisting or intended to assist memory; also : of or relating to mnemonics
2 : of or relating to memory

"The problem is, i always forget what [mnemonic] i used to remember that!" --Rex Gutwein


onestarbuckscoffee said...

I've tried to call but something is up with your phone... call me whenever you get a chance... later!NSP

Briana said...

lol, I wonder how many quotes we could get off Gutwein? He comes up with some pretty extraordinary things...

"If I were to die in class, wouldnt that be just a great way to go out???!"

At least he holds the class's attention well!

onestarbuckscoffee said...

Ok... so schools out and all that time you once had to goof off in class is over for now... bummer huh? funny how we miss the pain of cramming for tests... waking up to take a class...when we just finished partying a couple hours ago... long walks and good talks with friends that will forever shape our lives... makes it all worth it.

my finals paper was commemorating my classmates... I'll miss them... can't wait to see you though John!
give me a ring when you get the chance!

later bro!