Saturday, November 12, 2005

Camping Pictures

The Campfire: is the lifeblood of any good camping experience!

Yeah, that's the idea Steves...

Me...the cool all my vanity! (The table was the one modern convenience that we did bring along. Otherwise, we were "roughin' it")

Servin' up the fresh ones! was cold that morning

Michael...just chillin'

Hmmm...what can we do with PVC pipe, BlackCats, and marbles?

The Brothers: Michael, Me, Ben, Isaac, Will Roger's Birthplace & Memorial

Lake Oolagah is beautiful

We all look like we just got rolled over by a Mack Truck!

Daddy, with his boys


A few winged wonders, overlooking Lake Oolagah

Anybody know where Stephen is?!?!? He better hurry up!!!

Isaac & Michael

He is known as: Isaac, The Archer

Benjamin is quite the marksman!

Shooting celebrities, and other random people...

I look like some deformed, inbred, hideous creature off of Wrong Turn...just look at those fingers!

Speaking of BlackCats...what can we do with a real cat?!?! It NEVER should have wandered close!

I guess it turns out Steves is quite the cat lover. We didn't tell him what we did with it when he wasn't around. And yes, we did let it walk away, healthy and unbroken, when we left. ;)


Lesley Girl said...
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IDigAK said...

i said "we did let it walk away, healthy and unbroken"

but for all the demon-lovers out there, ahem, cat-lovers...the extent of our cruelties was the exploration of the God-given talent for a feline to land on all fours, no matter what distance it is thrown, ahem, jumps from!

and don't let the imagination run away...that's not a good thing...k?