Monday, January 30, 2006


why, as i sat there,
did the tears well up?
what was i feeling
for what did i long?

if my heart longs to go
thats ok with me
but if the warning is clear
...silent agony is my fate

my heart moans
for i know not what
if only i knew
riches could not make me happier

they lived as one
father and son
and when left alone
the son carried on

is that what i want?
or is that the object of my heart's longing?

like a bird in a cage
i sit alone
yet were the door open
somehow, i wonder if still i would fly

love will span miles
even the bridge of death
but will it ever
be truly understood?

i, for one, can only wonder


Rachel said...

That is beatiful! Thanks for the props on my car. Yeah, we haven't lived in our house since Thanksgiving. Some one broke in and trashed our house. My parents had a water bed and they slashed it so there was ton of water damage which turned into mold which turned into over 100,000.00 insurance claim. Fun stuff! We're living in a rental right now.

Lesley Girl said...

hmm... are you ok, well I got that message you left on my answer mechine talk to you laters.