Thursday, February 02, 2006

The Future, Today

::mood:: contemplative
::music:: Low from the album "X&Y", by Coldplay

as i began my day today, i had an arresting thought: "what if i met my future wife today?"

yeah! it caught me by surprise. i'm not sure where it came from, or what prompted it. just out of the blue i had this idea.
if, in the course of my day today, i were to come in contact with the woman of my dreams, whether i knew it or not, would i want to change anything about the way i lived my day?
would the fact that i knew i would meet her change the way i acted? would it cause me to change the things i plan to do? would it alter the way i speak? would it determine some of the places i go? would it make me revise my social skills/manners? would it change the way i interact with those i meet? would it change the way i manage my time? change the way i spend my money?

all this in a flash just burst through my head. made me stop and think.

typically, i like to live rather unapologetically. determining what i do by what i know i need to do, want to happen, and/or decide is important. and if anyone begs to differ, i calmly remind myself [and them] that they are entitled to their humble opinion.

but i am always open to learning of a new perspective. i rather enjoy interacting with someone or something that has the power to show me a different way to think. this ability to reason and accept the idea that one may not always be right is what makes a person truly alive; and this thought today, i think gave me a new factor to take into consideration as i unabashedly decide how to live each and every day.

it might change a few things. more than likely it will be something that i think about every single day from now until i know i have met her. and every day, it will be a reminder that somewhere, someone is watching. and that someone's future intersects with mine at some point in the course of history.

There's a place for us,
A time and place for us.
Hold my hand and we're halfway there.
Hold my hand and I'll take you there
- russell watson


Amy said...

Hey, its crazy when you get thoughts like that. Rethinking your perspective is always a good thing, whether it makes you change what you do or not.

Rachel said...

Wow...good thoughts. I used to wake up every morning thinking, "Maybe today is the day, I'll meet him." Then I thought I had...until he decided that I wasn't the one...about a year later. I've kind of stopped thinking about it until now. Thanks for the reminder.

Emily Donegan said...

Wow. . .I like your post! It just made me take a minute to think through my day and about my life in general! Am I becoming the person I want to be for Jesus! You know, He is always with us even though we cannot physically see Him and it made me think if I could see Him, would that make a difference in the way I acted, talked and the things I do! Recently someone was talking to me and said if we know that he was coming back tomorrow, how many people would we try and share the gosple with before He returned. It has really caused me to think because I think I have gotten a little on the lazy side! I guess if I had it all down to perfection, I wouldn't be hear anymore! ;P
Hope everything is going well for you!

Steve said...

I must say... a thought provoking post indeed. However I do have one thing to say by way of rebuttle.

If today, you met the girl who you were to marry, however you acted would be fine, as long as it was you. 'Cause lemme tell ya, if she doesn't like the real you, the marriage ain't gonna work out. You gotta be who you are.

Sure there are some things that you want to change, and some of them are good to change. But don't try to change things that are inherently you, like your personality and such.

Anyways, we're watching MacGyver soon, so I gotta jet. Have fun, and remember who it's all about.