Tuesday, April 18, 2006

where i've been

he calls me. estatic. he's excited beyond belief and is just spilling over with contagious joy. only, i'm sitting in the library and trying to keep quiet. so the most i can get out is the occasional "uh huh", and the muffled "wow". even though i can't verbally express my happiness for him (and the thought to step outside never occurred to me), i'm thrilled for him. i really and truly am.

some would say that he's just hit the jackpot, stumbled upon his pot of gold, that he's finally made it, arrived...

yes, everything's looking up for him. success is his. no matter how you look at his situation, he's doing well. the past is behind him. his current situation is blooming. the future is bright!

granted, it hasn't always been this way. i can remember recently spending time on the phone, agonizing, sharing in the torture we both found ourselves in. money troubles. girl troubles. family troubles. job troubles. spiritual troubles. you-name-it troubles...

now, all of a sudden, that's gone. i'm going to have to find another gripe-buddy. cause i have a feeling that from now on, the only response i'm going to get when i call him is elation and positivity and good news. the kind of stuff that you cant help but cheer up about and look on the brighter side of things. none of this satisfied wallowing in misery and complaint.

not so many things are different between him and i. we've pretty much lived the same life. except for a few minor details. but somehow, when i think about it, it strikes me: this isn't just chance. nobody played the lottery and struck it rich here. he didn't just happen to be walking along one day and sumble upon the success that is now his.

no. it started long ago. years ago. perhaps even before i knew him.

steady plodding. firm decision making. fervent seeking of the Lord. confidence.

he's made decisions that weren't easy. but they were the right decisions. he's planned for the future, and followed through on the plans. but he's been flexible to how those plans may change. and many of them have. but he's gone with the flow.

so, now we talk. and i feel like i have a new friend. he's still the same great guy. but i get a whole new feeling when we hang out.

who am i to think that i can give him advice?!? i think i need to listen look and learn for awhile. take a hint. begin making changes that will take me down the path of success. not necessarily the path of prosperity, or popularity, or notoriety. but just honest to goodness success. effectiveness.

not to say that i'm unhappy with myself. that is anything but the truth. but, if i were to think about it, yes, there would be things that i would change about my situation if i were given the chance.

one thing i've learned, for sure: you don't just strike it rich. so maybe i should learn to imitate those who have found it: the pot of gold of happiness. true success, that is.

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