Saturday, January 06, 2007

magnetic poetry two

::mood::randomly poetic
::music::getaway car, from the album welcome to diverse city by toby mac


Mith said...

I loved this post =). overall it is a very good blog, you should be happy about it, also i liked the "::mood::"

i also write some poetry myself, so you are welcome to visit my blog =)

me said...


IDigAK said...


not all of the above missives were composed by myself. in fact, without excessive introspection, i believe that only one was such.


//end disclaimer//

it's "me "again said...

question: did/do you know what SWAG means? lol
i didn't.

i wanna, i wanna guess ;)
my guess is: the shortest one.

the stupid me again said...

okay, it is offical i am stupid. i didn't mean the shortest. just the one that looks the shortest. (?!)
my guess is the second one with the ship.