Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Frisbee Golf...and Other Diversions

Once upon a lazy Saturday afternoon...some friends went to the park...

...where at first they just stood around,

...and poked fun at each other.

Then stood around some more...

...before actually deciding to play frisbee golf.

Which they did.

With some lovely diversions. Like exploring an underground tunnel. (After all, where would a tunnel be, but underground?)

So they captured the moment...or tried...there wasn't much light in that concrete tube.

And they captured some graffiti to take with them from that place.

Another diversion they embarked upon was to explore the pirate's cove.
How do I know it's a pirates cove, you ask? Look closely...see that hunk of steel?

Apparently a pirate's ship ran aground in these waters, and was battered to smitherenes by the waves. Many years ago. And this solitary canon from the poop deck, still sticking above the water, stands as witness.

Some of them decided to climb trees. But the trees liked to bite. But only on the way down. Maybe they were lonely trees, and didn't want their welcome company to leave.

These friends hung out. And they chilled. And they rocked that park. And feeling the inspiration of all of the above, they decided to take some inspiring pictures.

Well, maybe this one's not inspiring. More, hopeful? Or maybe just despondent.

OK. Definitely hopeful.

Some may not be able to Drive. Some may not be able to Vote. But we can all Change the World, in our own Little Way.

Then, feeling so full of inspiration, they felt the need to fill themselves with food. And this they did.

All sorts of food.

**Um, who let this picture in here? It's killin' my groove! Please, TAKE IT OUT!!!**

Ah, now that's groovin'!

The End.

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