Wednesday, February 16, 2005


Fredric Chopin...a legacy in piano. i love his is the best of all time. incredibly complex and hideously impossible to play...yet, when perfomed right it is as peaceful and smooth flowing as a deep river, running silently by over innumberable rocks and subsurface obstructions, yet, all you see is the calm surface. the passion lying beneath the surface of his music is intense. the patriotism to his native Poland is evident. the inate beauty is as simple as it is elaborate. listening to his Barcarolle Op. 60 right now is mesmerising, yet nothing like the notes i was desperately trying to pick out a few minutes ago in the Student Lounge. i am determined. i will learn it. and i will learn it well! until then, i'll content myself with listening to it over and over again as i study so that it will be ingrained in my ear when i sit down to play it later.

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