Sunday, February 20, 2005

Fun fun fun...

today had to have been one of the best days i've had since arriving @ school...totally awesome, going from one end of the spectrum to the other, yet in a way coming full circle.
i spent the better part of the morning and afternoon hanging out with naomi and nancy (& nancy's boyfriend, jeff)...had some good conversations, talking about life issues, praying for the Lord to move in our lives...then we watched a movie (oh, the glories of watching a forbidden PG13 off campus!!!), kudos to mike mckay for being such a geek and having a kickbutt theatre set up in his basement!
5 o'clock saw me heading over to El Ranchito to sub for brianna (hopfully she and matt are having an awesome road trip!)...only mariano ended up having a slow evening and sent me home...enabling me to go to church at riverview with tamera, paula & vitali!
i loved church...reminds me tons of home in alaska. between the sound teaching (this week noel hit it home talking about money in proverbs; btw, check out, great stuff), the great worship (you know what, each to his own, but for a service tuned to college students, the music was rockin, modern, loud, quality, need i think up any more adjectives?), and the family atmosphere that seeks to draw people closer to God and impact the community...i think i'd like to try and go there regularly, but still keep visiting around on sunday mornings. great stuff.
to finish up the day...johnny rockets for dinner (a classic american diner), 20 questions jixxy-style on the way home (while high on Mt. Dew i might add), ice skating (wrapping up the snow white party with the rest of the NTBI-Jackson world), the drive home (good one greg), and then the afterparty (teaching tamera and paula pool in the student center, while still high on Mt. Dew). good times...great forthcoming...jesus rocks!

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