Friday, August 12, 2005

Ode to This Morning's Granny Driver

I saw you this morning,
on West Center Drive
You were driving along,
in your boat

I gave a glance over,
like i so often do
You were focused ahead,
all i saw was gray hair

I sped up to pass you,
(by instinct, of course!)
But lo and behold,
you sped up, too,
and stayed along side!
I merely thought, "hmmmm,
"what do we have here?"

With a glance up ahead,
a new focus i gained
The crosswalk was blinking!
oh, dear! please no more pain!

"I must pass said granny!"
was the new thought up top
"If i do not get ahead here,
"i may have to stop!"

But with a gleam in her eye,
and a foot made of lead
My newfound friend granny,
she plowed straight ahead!

By now, neck and neck,
speed limits we defied
And ensured our escape,
from that impending doom

Was it red, when we passed?
oh, no! i think not!
it certainly was yellow,
we're not about to be caught!

So, now my freind granny,
tho we may never meet
You've gained my respect!
accomplished a great feat!

I promise to show kindness,
to those drivers of age
And when i feel like cursing
i'll give them space,
in remembrance of you.

p.s. to granny: thank you for being an inspiration to drivers everwhere. if i had more time, i would wax eloquent regarding the high-speed turn you went on to make directly after running the yellow light. but other assignments beckon me, so i leave you with this: when it comes your time to go, may you go in the fashion of great drivers everywhere; namely, in a blazing crash, on the road you love! (p.s.s. meet me just inside the pearly gates...i want to shake your hand!)


RyanJShaffer said...

thats a dumb poem or whatever it is...

onestarbuckscoffee said...

Monday monday... good morning John! :)

Lesley Girl said...

Thought that Granny was pretty special I wish my own was like that, but then again that would be scary... Oh well got to love the crazy Grannies...

Oh by the way John were are you at gosh you don't call me back...