Monday, October 24, 2005

Your Face...

...on a postage stamp.

It used to be you had to be dead. Or famous. Or both. But no. Now you can send a picture from your camera phone, uplink it to your Yahoo! Pictures account, and have it printed on your very own custom set of postage stamps. To be accepted at Mail Boxes and Post Offices everywhere!

Don't believe me? See for yourself!


I personally am thinking about getting a set of me in my tux, a set of my car, one of my house, one of yer mom...

Now i'm done thinking about it. Besides, there's a bit of sticker shock (hehe...chuckle...sticker shock! get it sticker shock...OK, nuff laughing at my own puns.) involved. For a $.37 stamp? Yeah, you'll end up paying an whopping-awful $.85 each.

They seem to be catching on to the principles learned long ago by Capitalistic Americans and passed on to Greedy Middle-Easterners (to be PC) in the form of pump-shocking gas prices.

I'm rambling. G'day.


Briana said...

wow...glad to see america is making good use of their time...improving in leaps and bounds I see....

RyanJShaffer said...


this is a comment.

briana, call me sometime. i can't ever get ahold of you.