Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Sweet, Sweet Revenge

::mood:: getting sick
::music:: Christmas Time is Here from the album "Christmas Songs" by Diana Krall

There is nothing quite so invigorating as starting your day with a good dose of revenge.

//evil grin//

Of course, I must take a step backwards, or two.

My work week of recent has consisted of getting up at 2 a.m., working until 9 a.m., taking about a two hour break to eat, shower, recover from the morning's work, do any random work I need to get done during business hours, and get ready to turn around and go back to work at 11:30, work for another 4-5 hours, return home at 5 o'clock, and crash in bed no later than 7 p.m. (and, yes, i am aware that this paragraph consists of one sentence only)

All that technical garbage to say: I've been working my butt off...eleven hour days pay well, but they wear on the body.

And because I've been so whupped, sleep has been a necessary, yet rare commodity. Sweet, wonderful sleep!

That's one step back. Here's the second:

Last night, as usual, I went to bed totally tired, with three alarms set to make sure I get up when I'm supposed to. When just as i'm drifting off to a deep comforting sleep, my phone rings. Anyone else, and I'd just have to chalk it up to my personal stupidity in not turning my phone off. But no, personal stupidity aside, it was someone who should have known better than to disturb my slumbers. Needless to say, I do not take the call. I'm not awake. And I'm not about to become so.

But that's not all. He just has to go on to leave me a rambling voicemail about nothing in particular. Which then prompts my phone to go nuts, alerting me that I have a new voice message.

I roll over, hoping that it will just shut up.

No such luck. I am required to get out of bed (the second time) in order to turn it off.

Finally I am allowed to sleep in peace; with nothing but my dreams to interrupt me.

But this morning. Aha! This morning! While eating breakfast, I listen to the voicemail. While listening, an evil plan plants itself in my head. And while driving, I follow through on the sinster plan!

Yes...I call him at 2:20 in the morning. (hey, after all, in the voicemail, he taunted me, saying that as I got up and left for work, he would just be going to bed...so, he'd still be up, right?)

Even better!

His roommate answers. The roommate had just gotten home from his job. I make Roommate wake up my victim. That's when this conversation occurs:

"Hey, man! How's it goin?"


"I just got your voicemail. You said you'd just be going to bed! So, how was the movie?"


"Oh, I'm sorry! Were you asleep?!?"

"uh huh"

"Oh, OK. Yeah, I just got up, I'm on my way in to work. I just thought I'd call and see what's up!!!"


"Well, ok...I guess you're kinda sleepy. Anyway, I'm pulling in just now. I'll catcha later!"


"Catcha ya later!"

And later...I find out, he'd just gotten to sleep about 10 minutes earlier.

Revenge. Behold the sweetness of it!!!


RyanJShaffer said...

you dumb jerk...

Amy said...

Revenge...ha, ha, ha...I imagine he *totally* deserved that.

zhen_ting said...

Hi. You sound like someone I know. Do I know you?

Amanda said...

Hey! Yeah I remember you! Fun times were had by all...

Lesley Girl said...

Well, I expect nothing less then you. LOL

IDigAK said...

amy: yes, he did =}

zhen_ting: well, i don't recognize you from your pictures...so, prolly not...hmmm

amanda: planning on seeing coldplay, huh? i'd have to agree on them being in my top five.

lesley girl: what would give you that impression?