Friday, October 27, 2006

Kids' Day

::mood::glad to be inside today!
::music::whatever from the album Speechless by Steven Curtis Chapman

We siblings long ago voted in a resolution that the following rules go into effect immediately upon the parentals leaving town for any amount of time:
1. Noone tells anyone what to do. (This generally includes an exception clause for the oldest one left in charge.)

2. No leaving messes, trails, or junk laying around of any kind.

3. No fights. (This includes the verbal as well as the physical.)

Generally these go a long way to helping everyone to have a great time, keeping everyone out of the other guy's hair, making sure that no hard feelings exist for any amount of time between anyone, and ensure that we all have as much of a vacation as the parents do!

Pretty much, Kids' Days rock!

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Anonymous said...

and you're not kidding!
(I miss you all)