Sunday, October 02, 2005


This morning i played Be Still My Soul for offeratory at church.

A redo of Mothers Day...since i played it in Jackson on MD and decicated it to her but as of yet she had not had a chance to hear it.

It went well, seeing as it was even farther from the original arrangement than the first time i played it.

But it was cool, and i had fun on the improv.

I've even been thinking (I know...horrible thing to do...) that maybe i should write some of my arrangements down and see try my hand a publishing somewhere down the road.

I dunno...just a thought...

Tomorrow is when i'm going to the fair with ryan and samuel.

So maybe i'll get some pictures to update and make stuff interesting.

And this afternoon i have nothing to do.

Except call friends to chat...only, noone's answering.

So i'll probably end up playing guitar...and reading.

Maybe taking a nap.

But mostly enjoying my Sunday...

Peace out!

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